Happy, Fulfilled Clients


I pride myself on my excellent services and ability to deliver impeccable results. If you want to get an idea of the experiences that my past clients have had, I recommend you take a look at the testimonials below. My clients trust me and have experienced the benefits of working with me. Contact me today and join my satisfied client list.

“I was blown away by Nick’s wisdom, guidance and interpretation of my astrological chart as well as his deep intuition, wisdom and ability to guide me to better understand my soul purpose from an astrological standpoint. I highly recommend Nick!”  

Julie Reisler

“Nick is incredibly talented and passionate about his astrology readings. I walked away from my reading feeling fully connected, in tune, and with the ability to understand aspects of myself which I have been working on and struggling with. My absolute greatest take away was that Nick was able to teach me how to balance and use my character traits (even the ones I saw as flaws) in a beneficial manner. I now have more knowledge of myself and have changed the way I communicate and live my life. “

Leah Landry

“The first time that Nick talked with me about astrology I knew that I needed him to conduct a reading. Having known that some of the greatest thought leaders and business folks utilized the science of astrology, it had me intrigued. Nick’s reading and the report he generated for me allowed me to truly step into who I am. All of my questions were answered through Nick’s knowledge of astrology. It was very clear that he had been studying this intensively for years and years. I encourage everyone to book a session with Nick! Knowing how the stars align has been vital in my business and spiritual growth.”

Mark Crandall, LMSW, LCDC